Posted by: Majid | April 17, 2010

valgrind for finding memory leaks

Finding memory leaks in c, c++ is usually very difficult. The following tool help to find the leaks:

Posted by: Majid | April 16, 2010

gdb in emacs for c++

The following source is a very simple introduction on how to use gdb in emacs. I found it very brief and useful

Posted by: Majid | February 28, 2010

If you are stuck in the cold city, “go” skiing

Several friend of mine and I were planning a ski trip for quiet long time, the fun that you make for yourself when you have no other choice. I watched the following series a night before to know basic steps of skiing: ,

Although I do not believe in doom, but for friend of mine a certain highway is doomed. Unfortunately an accident happened and we decided to not continue our trip.

Message for me: do not believe in luck YET.

Posted by: Majid | February 13, 2010

Part of my work today

Enigma: kokopelli, knockdown, Big Bang. humpty dumpty, dawdle, levy. starvin, alan shepard, roadkill, hyrax. tiny tim, trade embargo, hooklike, sick,Tango. senseless, yorkie …

I put them in some order to make meaningful sentences;)

(Drosophila’s gene names)

Posted by: Majid | February 10, 2010

What I am working on?

Every gene has an expression pattern in certain stage of development (or certain tissue) of an organism, which can be digitalized with a variety of technologies. The expression can mainly be explained (modeled) by short modular pieces of DNA sequences, called CRMs, surrounding the gene that recruit the product of other genes. Now the problem that I am working on is to simultaneously search for the CRMs and the model relating them to the gene expression. I will explain more details soon

Posted by: Majid | February 10, 2010


Never interpret the scene that someone pictures for you, when you are tired. And do not expect anyone feels the same way as you do, even your closest one. Bad day followed by Misinterpretation made my last day.

Posted by: Majid | February 8, 2010


If you accidentally deleted your files or a stupid program like Picasa deleted the entire directory of your gigs of pictures in a second, you can use Recuva, which is free software, to recover all of your files.

Posted by: Majid | February 8, 2010


I am recently using Mendeley, which does a great job on organizing and annotating pdf files. It is also a great reference manager, so it is well suited for research community.

Posted by: Majid | February 8, 2010

Starting point

Today, I decided to start my daily blog in which I will mostly write about my works, experiences and life.